Welcome into AXOFA


The first time you register, the first time you become an IB and the first time you make a deposit, we give you the best rewards for the first time


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* Updated Rules : 01/03/2024

* Please follow the rules carefuly!

Open Account

Please follow all the steps to start opening an account

Click the Register button and fill out the registration form. Enter the e-mail code. Login and verify your account with your ID card


Create a deposit history until the total amount deposited reaches $1,000.

Login and click the IB menu. Register as an IB and save the link

Invite at least 1 friends, to join our – WELCOME $1,000

Direct him to become an sub IB

This bonus is only valid for specific type account groups


The system will check all the requirements before your account is approved. Please be patient until the $1,000 balance enters your account

Congrats your account has been successfully created. Account details will be sent via your email, please note and save

Trade and gain as much profit as possible because all profits will be 100% yours

Increase Leverage

Leverage is adjusted to the number of your sub IB

Sub IB 1 - Leverage 1:1 Sub IB 10 - Leverage 1:10 Sub IB 200 - Leverage 1:200 Sub IB 300 - Leverage 1:300 Sub IB 500 - Leverage 1:500 Sub IB 750 - Leverage 1:750 Sub IB 1,000 - Leverage 1:1,000

The more you have sub-IBs, the more leverage you can change

Save the image and change it in Profile Menu.

Request leverage adjustment by changing the profile picture specifically that we provide it.

The system will change your leverage according to the number of sub IBs


100% bonus + 100% profit can be withdrawn

Withdraw the bonus and your profits by archiving your account. After the account archive is approved, your account will be closed permanently

Finally the bonus is complete and 100% bonuses and 100% profits go to your wallet